The Education sector is behind...

...other sectors in leveraging data and insights to enable evidence-based decision making - used effectively these can help educators improve learning outcomes and enable managers to improve efficiency of operations.

nexquare's enterprise-grade big data analytics platform allows regulators, governments and large educational institutions immediate access to powerful data science capabilities that can integrate with their existing data sources. The platform enables cross-sectional and longitudinal insights, prediction of outcomes and prescription of actions - allowing for better management, delivery and outcomes; and in the case of governments, evidence-based policy interventions.

Key challenges faced by the sector include:

Poor Data Quality

Whilst a rich spectrum of data is available, historic data is sporadic and of poor quality, preventing rich insights into educational outcomes and delivery

Data in Silos

Data exists in silos, across disparate solutions (CRM, SIS, ERP etc), databases and servers, preventing a single, 360°, connected view to generate richer holistic insights

Lack of Analytics Capabilities

Data science and engineering capabilities are scarce, preventing educational institutions to leverage their data by building analytics platforms and publishing insights

Basic Reporting Tools

Reports are usually pre-built and two dimensional - conducting any type of drill-downs, deep-dives or ‘what-if’ analysis becomes time intensive and laborious 

All Buzz, Minimal Impact 

Analytics initiatives are launched with little focus on solving actual problems faced by educators and learners on a daily basis, limiting consumption and impact

Open Vulnerabilities 

Although the students and educators' data is sensitive and confidential, strict security protocols and standards are rarely followed, increasing cyber security risks

the nexquare approach

Universal Data Adaptor
Universal data “adaptor” that can plug into 200+ existing data systems and collect data, on a real-time and batch basis.

The platform removes data engineering complexity, as end users can use pre-built data pipelines and automate the data ingestion workflow
Fast and Scalable
Leverages Apache Spark to achieve higher data processing speeds of about 100x faster in memory and 10x faster on the disk. Built on the Hadoop ecosystem to provide high scalability via distributed data storage 
A self-service business intelligence layer that can be used by non-tech savvy users to query data, conduct drill downs, perform what-if analyses, and conduct deep dives ‘on-the-fly’. They can also build their own dashboards and reports. Users don’t need to rely on the MIS/IT departments even for complex asks
Advanced Security
Cyber security tools and applications are built-in to provide encryption, multi-factor authentication and gateway firewalls to protect user data
360° Data Collection and Quality Assurance
Allowing schools, colleges and governments the ability to collect data from disparate sources for holistic analytics and insights, hence, eliminating data silos. In parallel, using the advanced clustering and anomaly detection algorithms, quality issues are identified, providing a regular, non-tech savvy user with the control to know where the errors are happening and how to fix them
Machine Learning & AI
Capability to deploy machine learning algorithms to predict key students’ outcomes including attainment, progression and retention, and to identify key drivers behind them.
User-friendly interface built upon Google’s material design principles, that has been extensively tested with end users, to maximise adoption and usage of insights that are generated by the platform
End-to-End Rapid Deployment
Designed to ensure rapid end-to-end deployment and implementation across data collection, processing and insight generation


Private School Group Asia

In a large private school group with 100k+ students, data had been collected on student performance, behaviour and teacher efficacy but was not being used. Our platform was setup to automate data collection, processing, and analysis to share insights with educators, real-time - including identification of students at-risk in terms of academic performance, behavioural issues, and school exits.

Public Sector Agency MENA 

Data-driven approach to Education to Employment Transformation was enabled by collecting 800m+ data points across the journey from K-12 to Higher Education to Employment. Advanced machine learning algorithms were built and deployed to identify 10+ predictors of academic and career success, with simulations to estimate impact of policy interventions.

Enterprise Big Data Analytics Platform


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