Many of the challenges...

... faced in enabling progress in independent private schools in the Middle East and Africa are replicated in schools that are part
of a city-wide group or multi-country network.

However, with multiple locations come a different set of challenges:

Difficult to Aggregate Data

Aggregating data often becomes impossible due to data sitting in silos.

Comparing Schools

Comparing two or more school’s operational performance is laborious and heavily reliant on staff within the school.

Multi-Curricula Being Taught

Cross-comparison of learning performance between different curricula being taught within the group is difficult, if not impossible.

Slow Decision Making

Operational decisions often take much longer than is ideal as information from each school is relayed at their own pace, if
at all.

Incomplete Reporting

Operational and Learning Performance reports are often incomplete or offer little insight into group performance.

Cross-Compliance Issues

Cross-compliance for regulators/authorities can’t
be easily checked and is therefore out of control of group operations management.

High-Level Only

Inability to access granular levels of information at any school.

Cross-Compliance Issues

Cross-compliance for regulators/authorities can’t
be easily checked and is therefore out of control of group operations management.

Whilst it is a big problem for the more privileged schools (top 20%), the issue becomes even more acute down the spectrum:

Data Gets Wasted

Data gets wasted even in large sophisticated institutions. Education is still decades behind


Most existing solutions are built process-centric creating an ongoing battle to extract.

Teacher’s Burden

Teacher’s burden keeps increasing with changing approaches.

Parent Ends up an Outsider

Parent ends up an outsider despite best efforts, as burden falls on teachers

Large Groups

Large groups end up having 10-15 systems. A central view becomes almost impossible

the nexquare approach

Integrated Application
Simultaneously enables a high-level overview across an entire school network as well as granular operational drill down at a geography, regional, cluster or school level, bringing insights in a manner that was not possible earlier
Digitising an Entire Network
Especially with such wide variety of schools across various spectrums. 

All data can be managed centrally thereby reducing costs of storage, manual efforts, freeing up teacher time, enabling parents to have deeper insights and enabling higher efficiency and better outcomes.
Streamlining Processes
Within a group there might be various levels of schools, some entirely paper based while others operating comprehensive systems. Our platform can enable a group to bring better standardization especially on elements like student progress,
outcomes, teacher development etc., and also enable sharing of best practices
Timely Operating Interventions
Real time information across staff and student, fees, attendance, admissions etc will enable timely operating interventions. Also, decisions can be decentralized and tracked (which was not possible with manual or localized
Curriculum Agnostic

It is curriculum agnostic – i.e. multiple curricula – British, American, CBSE, National, can and currently do run off the same platform. This fundamentally transforms the education management approach
Simple User Interfaces
Users with minimal tech knowledge to easily adopt and use the various features. This
ensures faster adoption and easy usability for users across the spectrum.
Contextualized to Local Needs
The platform is not rigid and allows for contextualisation to local needs via highly flexible user driven configuration. Whether it be a different format of a report card for India, Kenya or UAE or tweaking some steps required for
setting up the fee processing system, it allows a single system to adapt and meet the needs of different schools
With cross sectional data (e.g. academic performance, financial, scholarship, social etc) and longitudinal data (e.g. across years) schools have the power to drive deeper insights at a student, teacher, school, cluster, curriculum or any other level and drive excellence
Operational Freedom
Via our self-configuration capability, Users will be able to self-manage the system and hence the operating processes without relying on the vendor which will
allow for a lot of operational freedom for a large educational group
Multi-Tenant Architecture
A dedicated multi-tenant architecture means that a group’s management can see the same real-time view as a remote school, without any intervention.


Indian Curriculum School Dubai

Using the nexquare platform has allowed our school to become almost entirely digitized and paperless, with reports and invoicing all generated and distributed through the platform itself, cutting costs, saving time and most importantly, enabling the parent to be a partner with the school in the child's education journey...."

U.S. Curriculum School Abu Dhabi

“nexquare absolutely answered that call. In addition to breach proof security, we now had our own School Management System that handled everything from registration and accounting to seating charts and schedules for over 1000 students to parent communications to report cards to a custom formula-led grading program..."

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