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Educators are the most important contributors to student growth and learning . . .

. . . yet globally and more acutely in Middle East, Africa and Asia, there is a shortage of skilled and qualified educators. It is not just about the need for more educators but also the ability of existing educators to up-skill themselves.

nexquare's futuristic, data-centric, end-to-end platform redefines professional learning, certification and development by giving the control back to the educators. By allowing educators to embark on new learning pathways, self-assess themselves against standards, collect feedback and learn from peers and mentors, and access content for continuous learning, the platform enables each educator to identify growth opportunities and  personalise his or her development trajectory.

Typical Challenges in the Ecosystem

One-time PD initiatives

No continuous professional development opportunities exist for educators - PD is limited to workshops or one-off instructions which neither modify teacher practice nor improve student learning

Lack of Equity and Personalisation

Majority of the PD efforts are top down, driven by the leadership, and 'one-size-fits-all', with minimal control in the educators' hands

No Evidence base, No Recognition

Challenges with more "opinion based"  inputs into the process; does not allow educators to properly "evidence" their competencies against standards and skills 

Inability to Track Progress

Current manual approach to managing professional development means any effort to estimate the impact of PD activities on progress and student outcomes is cumbersome and mired with assumptions

Lack of collaborative processes

The technology platforms do not easily enable communication or learning from peers, mentors and supervisors through feedback / observations or through sharing of best practices on pedagogy and content. The process remains largely manual today

the nexquare approach

Contemporary thinking on PD
Adopts cutting-edge contemporary thinking on educator professional development to encourage competency-based learning centered around trust, transparency, quality and equity
Puts Control
in Teacher’s Hands
Educators can select learning paths aligned to personal goals, classroom needs or school-wide priorties. Real-time dashboards provide 360⁰ insight on their strengths and growth opportunities
Provides educators the ability to showcase their competence against standards and skills via a life-long portfolio of evidences, that can include peer assessments, lesson plans, student progress reports, in multiple digital formats
Certificates and badges that educators can add to their portfolios  to showcase the skills that they have developed throughout their careers
Standards at the Centre
Standards, skills and competencies of learning pathways and PD programs are the backbone of the platform - increasing awareness and creating a single measure of expectation and success
On-the-Go Learning
Enables educators by providing leading digital content across standards and competencies, which can be accessed any time, from anywhere, at their own pace
Power of the Community
Enables educators  to communicate with and learn from peers, mentors and supervisors through feedback / observations or through sharing of best practices on pedagogy and content
Rapid Deployment
Customisable and open architecture enables the platform to be deployed quickly revolving around new standards, skills and competencies and available across languages, across devices
Multi-Tenant Archtecture
A dedicated multi-tenant architecture means that a group’s management can see the same real-time view as a remote school, without any intervention.


Teacher Training Institute

nexquare's platform is currently used to deliver contemporary educator development learning pathways, certification and readiness to licensing programs in UAE. The platform has enabled thousands of educators to embark on new learning pathways, self assess, acquire new skills from digital libraries and peers, and create a life-long digital repository of evidence to showcase their competencies.



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