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We are firm believers in collaboration and in leveraging innovation across the ecosystem. We actively work with leading practitioners, global shapers and think-tanks in specific areas to help push traditional boundaries.

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For a leading government entity that is mandated to improve employability of its citizens, we are working with them to develop an evidence-based understanding of the education to employment journey of its citizens. This includes identifying key inflection points and ‘what works’, and prescribing potential policy interventions across the journey, to ensure that the output of the higher education sector matches the needs of the employment sector.

Our platform is currently streaming 800+ million data points and using machine learning algorithms to enable evidence-based decision / policy making.

Leading Government Agency MENA

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For Aga Khan Education Services, we are deploying our multi-tenant K12 Education Management Solution that will provide them with the unique ability to have a single, standardised platform operating across all their 220+ schools, in 10+ countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa. It will provide near real-time visibility and insight into student learning, teacher efficacy and school operations, hence, enabling evidence-based decision making at the head office in Paris.

For schools located in remote areas with poor to no internet and electric connectivity, we are also piloting our offline application to enable the teachers and school leaders, digitize operations and increase transparency.

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For a pioneering Teacher Training Institution, Tellal (GEMS), we have deployed our Educator Professional Development Platform to deliver contemporary educator development learning pathways, certification and readiness to licensing programs in UAE.

The platform has enabled educators to embark on new learning pathways, self assess, acquire new skills from digital libraries and peers, and create a life-long digital repository of evidence to showcase their competence

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“By combining data science and advanced analytics, nexquare is developing greater insights on what’s really working in our schools and what needs to improve.”

Source: Gulf News

"We see nexquare as an integral partner to assess and provide insight into the intricacies of interventions at various points of that student’s life at AKES."

Aga Khan Educational Services

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